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BKSI, Inc. PC Services

BKSI brings experience in the PC industry involving systems analysis, design, implementation, testing, installation, documentation, maintenance, user training, and support of a vast variety of hardware and software applications since 1978.
Strong hardware technical expertise in all of the PC based platforms.

If you have a simple task as:
"I have a Virus,"
"I keep getting popup's and don't want them,"
"I have a new PC and need help transfering my files from my old PC,"

To more complicated tasks as:
Setting up a home computer network,
Setting up and supporting small business network,
Setting up and supporting larger business office PC's and network,

BKSI can assist you...

PC services are also available for hardware and software upgrades.
Training is also available on the use of Microsoft products.

Rates vary depending on the tasks and location of the PC.
They start from $35 per hour, two hour minimum for simple tasks.
An example of a simple task is file transfers from a old PC to an new PC.

Higher rates exist for custom application development and web page design.
These tasks are available on a per hour and fixed price basis.

Before any work takes place, a BKSI representative will give you a written quote itemizing any cost for any services you may require.

For hardware and software upgrades, BKSI can assist you in your purchase.

Please visit the Contacts page to discuss your needs with BKSI.


Databases and tools
MS SQL Server, DTS, SSAS, Transact SQL.

Programming Languages
Microsoft .NET(VB, C# ,ASP), Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual C++.

Testing tools
MS Visual Test, SQA/Teamtest.

Desktop/PC related tools
MS Word, MS Project, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, VISIO.

Operating systems
Windows Server  and Windows .
Window Exchange Server

Intel / AMD based PC's.

Wired 802.3, Wireless 802.11a-g, Cable, DSL, Dedicated.

Windows Certified Professional
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