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About BKSI, Inc.

BKSI started in 1995 as B & K Consulting providing general computer consulting services.
In 1999 the BKSI, Inc Corporation was formed by Ken and Bernadette Kohnmann.

BKSI stands for Bernadette and Ken System Integrators.

BKSI Inc, B & K Consulting has provided following services to clients in the Southern California area over the years:
Software Design and Development
System Architect
Internet Specialist
Hardware, Computer and Network Specification and Repair

What’s up with the Elephant ?

The whole elephant thing is mainly related to Bernadette. She has collected elephants for a very long time.

Bernadette's collection of about 500 different elephants consists of pictures,
figurines, dishes, cups, towels, furniture and I am sure that I forgot something.

In some areas of the world elephants bring good luck. If it works we should be the luckiest people in the world!

As the logo for BKSI and B & K Consulting it has been a noble image to company.
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